Crooked and greedy workers comp lawyers Joseph G. Perone and Tanis B. Deitch from Deitch & Perone, Christopher R. Bridgman from Carpenter, McCadden & Lane, Richard J. Marcolus from Levinson Axelrod. Workers Comp Judge Diana Montes Fat ASS.



Richard Marcolus and Levinson Axelrod are crooked lawyers. My case started  in 2012, its now 2022. Richard Marcolus is in conspiracy with the other lawyers and Judge, to somehow gain money on forcing me into a Medicare set aside agreement.


Richard Marcolus, Christopher Bridgeman, Joe Perone and workers comp judge Diana Montes are all corrupt. I had to file with lawyer ethics about Richard Marcolus and even had to file a grievance in court.


In 2022 i received a settlement agreement with MSA. It was never discussed with me so when it was brought to my attention. Everyone involved in my case knows my medical history, and the fact that I suffer from severe depression and high anxiety and other things, so they decided that they would attempt to take advantages of my illnesses … but I refused the MSA agreement they were attempting to force on me …


After I refused the MSA and opted for a full lum sum payment … now more than 2 years have passed since I first received the settlement agreement in 3/2022 …


so its obvious all parties involved headed and motivated by Richard Marcolus of Levinson Axelrod … assumed I would sign anything they give me in agreement.


Now that I refuse to accept their plan, the lawyers and judge devised between themselves … they wrote up and formulated the settlement agreement without any input on my part, but then bring it to me to sign. Its now 2024 and counting ….. CROOKED WORKERS COMP JUDGE AND LAWYERS.




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